Shield Mini Red Dot sight

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World’s original, smallest, lightest, toughest mini day / night sight for all military, law enforcement and sporting small arms. Can be fitted on almost any firearm, as a CQB  point of aim system, along side other optics. We stock angle mount’s and Pic rail mount.(not inc)
  •  Parallax free, clear polymer optic, which can withstand up to ten times greater shock impact than products using glass optics.
  •  Unlike many competing products, the MiniSight is designed without a red reflective filter on the lens to ensure minimal visual signature.
  •  The sight body is moulded from a lightweight polymer which, in testing, has proven to be more resilient than other reflex sights produced by our competitors.
  •  Gold plated stainless steel carriers to ensure a reliable power supply to the Light Emitting Diode (LED).
  •  Variable intensity drive circuit that senses target light levels and controls LED output giving optimum visibility of the dot against the target.
  •  Available in different dot sizes 65 ring and  1 moa dot /4 moa or 8 moa , tailored to your application.
  • Weaver mount available separately at £17.00
  • Shotgun mount now available to fit any rib, comes complete with 4 different size bushes. £42

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